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Special Thanks

We wanted to make this page dedicated to the amazing people that helped us get on our way from the very beginning. The Artists, Designers and enthusiasts are a extremely friendly and helpful group, without them we wouldnt be able to get where we are today. So a special thanks to the you.

Shawn Lee -

Shawn Produced our amazing lab scene from the crazy musings and ideas i chucked at him. He is a true talent, and a very selfless guy. Hit him up on Art Startion

Courtney Myers -

Courtney Produced our amazing Portrait. She is an awesome artist and super friendly. Make sure to check her work out.

Liam Scriven (2petalrose) -

Koncrete -

Dave (MrMuju) -

These guys have been extremely Helpful with casting, resin and processes tips. To Helpful guys. 

Steve Creative Director at Beastly Toyz and Monkeesblood -

I spoke with Steve a long time ago now, he was someone i sent out a huge email asking way to many questions for someone out of the blue. Steve replied and not only answered all my questions but preceded to go above and beyond with helpful tips, advice. I promised at that time that when i finally produce my first Art Toy, i will make sure to send him one.......I guess i should get onto that now....Maybe?!

A Special Thank you for all my Kickstarter Backers that have helped me get started. I will be forever Grateful. 

Kickstarter Backers


Emily Gerencser

Roger Beckett

Matthew Laws

Michael Manes

Reg Pyne

Tory Stephens


Gavriel Discordia



Jacqueline Watson


Brittany Smith

Chris McDonald





Caitlin Jane Hughes

Hayden Meyer

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