Made from Resin 

Stands at 11.5 inches height

This is the first ever made to sell. The first of his kind. There will only ever be 25 made in This size and only 5 in this colour.


He also comes with a bonus secret gift


Somewhere in the depths of the Hallowed Lands, amongst the gnarled trunks of ancient trees, something stirs in the dark hours of the night. As the moon shines upon the realm the face of the Gloom spirit will be illuminated to reveal an oversized feline like head with two sets of dull pearlescent eyes – an unsettling rictus grin spreading across its face. Thin feeble arms will reach forward through the darkness searching for creatures lost in the night, you would be forgiven for assuming the Gloom has grim intentions, a repulsive spirit at first encounter, however you would be wrong.

The Gloom is an inherently good spirit despite its unnerving appearance, many believe it to be a cruel hunter but it is simply designed to survive in the darkness. The Hallowed Lands being an area of the Ammarantine realm inhabited by creatures and spirits of pure death and decay, the Gloom mirrors its surroundings in order to carry out its task undisturbed. Not a hunter but a savior, as the realm is a final destination for unwanted spirits they can materialize without warning and quickly fall victim to the more monstrous inhabitants of this land, but if the Gloom finds them first they can be guided out of the darkness. .

Lacunas not included


He is delicate and therefore always a risk when shipping but if he arrives damaged just send me a message and some photos and we can work out how to remedy this.


Large Gloom - 1st created of Limited Run

  • Each Toy is handmade, please take care. Should you have any problems on arrival, please do not hesitate to contact me

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