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That dull fuzzy feeling of being watched. The niggling burrowing at the back of your head. Certainty of hearing a noise fading rapidly, unconsciously into obvious impossibility. It couldn’t have happened?!The Echo Finch is a spirit that binds to a soul of an entity. Feasting and sustaining from it. This binding corrupts the birds features. Twisting , contorting and shaping it to match that of the pure essence of the beings soul. Throughout Amaranthine Echo Finches can be found on the peripheral of their hosts. Sustaining in quiet observation. Watching, always watching. 

Bird is 6.5inches with perch and 8inch with glass jar

Bell Jar is included in purchase.

Gilded Grimm (Blue and Gold)

  • Each Resin Toy is handmade, please take care. Should you have any problems on arrival, please do not hesitate to contact me