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Paint and Crafting Links

Below are links to items i either use or highly recommend.
Purchasing through my links also helps me out a great deal too.

Vallejo Air Paint Set is a great starter pack. I buy this pack all the time to refresh the core colours in my collection. In fact Vallejo is a great choice for the core paint collection. Though i will list a more high end paint further down that is more costly by really pops when used. I would say, 80% of my paints are Vallejo with the rest being specialist paints.

Specific Vallejo paints i love to use (Warlord Purple is my all time favourite)

Golden High Flow Paints are extremely vibrant. I always have to have some at hand, especially Phthalo Green and Magenta. They are costly, but they are worth it. 


You put paint on em, and you prod things with them

Airbrushes and Equipment

Its important to invest in a good quality airbrush. Though i would state before buying an expensive one that it is better to at least get experience using a basic airbrush first, Seeing if you like how it paints and how it works with your style.


That is why this compressor is a good start because it comes with a airbrush to practise on. After you have practised and want to commit, then i suggest Iwata. Some people prefer other makes such as Badger but i have used both and Iwata works better for me.

Primers and Sealers

Its Important before you start to prime and when you finish to seal

Be Smart! Wear a Mask! Paints can be very bad for your health, don't risk it!


When i sculpt or customise other platforms i like to use air curing clay/materials. I do also use clays that require baking or heating but 90% of the time i am using Apoxie Sculpt which is air curing. This allows me to not worry about baking times 

Sculpting Tools are very much a personal preference. I know some people that use 2 tools and one of them is the end of a pen, and i know some people that have more tools than Batman. You will generally lean toward what works for you, though these below are good all rounders.


As i say, all these items above i have either used or have heard great things about. If you experience any issues with these items, drop me a message as i am always interested to hear other viewpoints. 

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