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Brad "Monster Ego" Dowle

My Name is Brad 'Monster Ego' and I run Monster Ego Studios. 

I have always enjoyed being involved in the creative environment though unfortunately I lack the talent in any capacity to draw. However I like to think my strength lies in creative imagination (which does not have any external residual manifestation so you can tell it is really useful). I spend the majority of my time thinking up creative stories for the creatures I create and sculpt, and now I have decided to turn these stories and creatures into something that resembles a  mental breakdown manifesting in resin based figures and toys and digital mythical realm with artwork. 


I primarily use digital sculpting tools such as Zbrush and then print these in a 3D printer for resin casts, though I do also do the occasional clay based sculpt too.


If you take a look at my 'Gallery' section you can see the creatures I have created already and keep an eye out for the new ones arriving all the time. This Gallery section will be where I keep all the stories and creatures, like a mix up of Darwin's origin of species and a less commercially driven pokedex. Some of these will be turned into Art Toys to purchase such as the Lacuna Sapling, some will be available as blank sculpts to paint while others remains purely for one off unique sculptures.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the world I have created, and please, if you have any questions, chuck them my way. You can see all my contact details in the contact tab.

P.S Dont feed the Zombies after midnight, they become far less cuddly.........Or is that Mogwais 

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